Summer Academy kicks ass!

Summer Academy kicks ass!

Summer Academy of applied performing ART practices

In the beginning of July I packed my suitcase for a long travel to Hungary and Poland. I really didn’t know what to expect of EXCEPT! I was leaving my home for almost one month. I never done this before. I was really getting out of my comfort zone but there was a really good program with theatre, lectures, meeting lots of interesting people and seeing my great girl Lena. The focus was on Social Art Practice totally me! All the projects I have done in The Netherlands was with the focus of social learning in theatre or photography. A really great combination for kids and youngsters.

10325335_10202663245078883_1966766549149952725_nPhoto by Gosia Mierzwa

The Summer Academy
We were with 33-35 young European professionals – artist, social workers etc…- We devoted ourselves for two weeks in July to deepen in the theory and expertise of Social Art Practice.
It was really a great experience with great moments. I really focused on the theatre and other practices. Here a small selection so you can get an impression of the summer academy in Hungary, Szakácsi.

The first week was really hard work. The workshop of Gianluca Barbardori was really demanding. His teachings are on the principles of Groteski. Many repetitions of the sequences we developed and the focus was on seeing the image when your doing your body movement. So you are getting an movement floating into another movement and have to see what kind of image is coming up. It’s hard to explain you have to experience it and practice it a lot. But its really interesting and I really hope that in the near future I will go on with this. It’s also really good for the body and mind.

The lecture of Studio Skit (Poland and organiser of the summer-camp in Poland) was really interesting. The way he developed Studio Skit to help youngsters with drugs/alcohol problems was a true inspiration! The lecture of social aspect about the gypsy’s was really an eye opener and heartbreaking. The lady told us about the history of the gypsy’s and what kind of projects there doing now to improve the situation of the gyspsy’s. Really interesting and had lots of things to think about.

 I had a workshop from Adam Grzanka a Polish artist and I really have to mention this great guy! His English improved by day and at the end of the camp he spoke pretty fluent. The meaning of his workshop I got it at the end. Sometimes when it looks like totally chaos look further and you will see the structure. I learned how to record sounds, how to make sketches, how you can work together etc.. I learned a lot and making sketches is really hard work. When the sketch of me and Andreas Schanz is online I will show it you! It’s a real funny product of the camp.

The location
The camp is held in Szakácsi  the second poorest village in Hungary. It is a three hour drive from Budapest. And the area is absolute wonderful! I hope to go back when I have the chance. Elisabeth a Dutch woman who is living in Szakácsi for 10 years now.  Really tries to improve the circumstances in the village with her social background. She is learning the people skills so they can earn money for their family’s. It’s really necessary that the tourism is growing much bigger in the village. Why? So there is work for the village people. The ladies grown a lot into their jobs when we were there and I’m really proud. There really caring if you are opening up to them to. Treat them like normal people. My experience with the gypsy’s is really good. I really made friends. Because their people to! Their are people who want to work but don’t know how. No one has ever taught them. I really hope that tourism will grow bigger and the villagers will improve their skills and getting even a better life! More information you can find here.

I will write about part 2 The Polishcamp of Studio Skit but for more information about the Except project you can find it here.

I really enjoyed the camp and meet wonderful loving people!
I missing everybody a lot but with all the experiences its time for me to start with new projects here in the Netherlands!

Love Michelle
pictures here!

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